Managing Director Toby Whittaker thanks the team at Skyport - A Great Place To Work

20 Feb 2024 –– Company

For a fantastic work/life balance and a positive, happy atmosphere, you really can’t go wrong with Skyport at Glasgow Airport! They look after their staff, invest in the site and there’s a real family atmosphere in the team, which helps them give great customer service.

We caught up with site manager Callum Donald to find out his thoughts. “I started on this site on the 2nd May 2000, and I've enjoyed every minute. I know self-praise is no praise, but I'm proud of the way the site is run from myself to my supervisors, bus drivers, and cleaners. We all take pride in our work, and I think that's because we make an effort to offer staff a permanent position, permanent contract, decent working conditions, and this is reflected in the customer service that's given to each and every customer that comes through the doors. It's generally a happy place to work, and we're well looked after. So I think all these things added together make for a decent and happy workplace!”

A great place to work is one where employees feel valued and supported and have the opportunity to grow and develop. It's a place where there is open communication, a positive work culture, and a focus on work-life balance. Additionally, competitive compensation, benefits, and opportunities for advancement all contribute to making a great workplace. A supportive and inclusive environment encourages great customer service, which also plays a significant role in creating a great place to work.

We asked Carly what she thought about working at Skyport: “I would say the shift patterns are really good. In the past, I was a personal trainer, and I worked in retail as well. I've been working at Skyport since July. I've got a lot more life balance since I've worked in Skyport, which is really important, and the training has been really good as well. I felt really supported, so now I'm really enjoying it.

It's a really nice, positive mindset. You see people being happy, going away on holiday, so there is a good vibe every day and it's nice to see them coming back as well and have a bit of conversation. It's really nice here. If you're looking for a new career and a good life balance, I would definitely recommend Skyport!

Managing Director Toby Whittaker added, “The team up at Skyport are absolutely brilliant. Great customer service, they look after the place really well, so we know it’s fit for a long future.

“I can’t praise them enough for how they handled the pandemic, and ever since things have been up and running again, Skyport has gone from strength to strength. Congratulations to the team!”